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Arrowette - comics - the green arrow
Arrowette (I guess "Arrow Girl" was taken) is the name of two female superheroes in the DC Comics universe. The first character is the mother of the second.
The first one was actually one of those annoying wannabe sidekick characters back in the early 60s. Of course she wanted to be (surprise) Green Arrow's side kick and she was formally known as Miss Arrowette.
Her name was Bonnie King (Bonnie KING, Oliver QUEEN...get it?) , former Olympian Bronze medal winner in archery. She became inspired by Green Arrow and Speedy and decided that like them, she wanted to use her Archery skills for good. She made a costume for herself and became Miss Arrowette. She carried trick arrows like a Powder Puff Arrow.
I wonder if she had Barbara Gordon's number on speed dial?
"Hello Babs? I need to annoy our Dynamic Duo here in Star City. Any ideas?"
But unlike Batgirl and Batman, Bonnie did actually date Green Arrow a few times.
That doesn't work out and she meets a guy, they get married and have a kid, he dies of food poisoning (kinda mundane death for a comic book huh?) and she gets her beneficiary check from her insurance agent (get this) Hal Jordan!
Small world huh?
Anyway, of course(?) Bonnie decides to take the money and mold her daughter Cissie into a superhero (since that worked out so well for Bonnie).
So Cissie debuts as Arrowette and Bonnie gets the distinction of being the first superhero mother to get Child Welfare Services called on her for forcing her kid into a life of crimefighting.
See why Bruce Wayne kept his identity secret?
Of course as always with comics, the truth isn't what it seems and Cissie MIGHT actually be the daughter of Green Arrow.
Someday somebody's gonna haul the Emerald Archer onto Maury Povich for one of those DNA shows.
Cissie, Shado, Connor Hawke...it's a good thing Hawkeye works for Marvel.

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