Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sara Solomon - Wonder Woman - Joker Connection?

Okay this is kinda weird.....
This is fitness model and fitness trainer Dr, Sara Solomon dressed up as Wonder Woman at a fitness competition.
Sexy Wonder Woman....nice....but then I noticed something.
Wonder Woman is carrying a crowbar.
Then my mind wandered as it often does.
In the Justice League cartoon, WW and Batman were an item.
And in the comics, Joker "killed" Robin with a crowbar.
Did WW go and take out Joker and took the crowbar as a trophy?
Look at the way she is holding it up over her head in the picture.
The final straw was that picture at the bottom with Wonder Woman running through the streets....and Joker graffiti on the walls.

Maybe I just read too much into things....
Either that or Sara has a vast comic book knowledge and pulled a HUGE inside joke.

Sara Solomon - Wonder Woman

Sara Solomon - Wonder Woman

Sara Solomon - Wonder Woman

Sara Solomon - Wonder Woman

By the way, you can see more Sara at her Facebook page here:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Superboy - Silver Shade Cosplay

Superboy - Silver Shade Cosplay
There are a lot of gender defying cosplays out there and a lot of really good ones.
But one of the best I have EVER seen is this 90's Superboy cosplay by Silver Shade.
I mean really....c'mon!

Really one of the best cosplays I have ever seen.
You can see more of Silver Shade at her Facebook page here....

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