Monday, December 12, 2016

DC Comics Maxima in the Flesh

The DC character Maxima has appeared on TV in the flesh twice.

The first time was on the CW show Smallville where she was played by Charlotte Sullivan.
A very pretty actress to say the least, but she didn't look like someone that could go toe to toe with Superman.

But on Supergirl, we got former WWE Diva and BJJ trainer Eve Torres Gracie, who looked more like she could take on Supes.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Van Williams (The Green Hornet) Passes Away

TV actor Van Williams passed away on November 28, 2016.
Comic book and TV fans know him for his television role as Britt Reid/the Green Hornet where he teamed for one season with the late Bruce Lee as his partner Kato.
He and Bruce Lee made three guest appearances on Batman.
The first was in a "batclimb" cameo, ("The Spell of Tut," 9/28/1966), and later in a two-part episode ("A Piece of the Action," 3/1/1967 and "Batman's Satisfaction," 3/2/1967).

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