Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Michelle Obama Comic Sold Out?

The Female Force comic book biography of first lady Michelle Obama sold out Wednesday?
It's going into a second printing?
Yeah, I may sound a bit confused because I am.
Okay I saw the novelty in Spiderman and The President.
I got that.
But a comic book about the First Lady?
To be fair though, the Female Force books about Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin sold out too.
And now the company that makes the books, Bluewater Productions, is going to put out books about Caroline Kennedy, Princess Diana and Condoleezza Rice.

I'm sorry, but these books look like the old hand out books they used to give away free at community events.
Who is buying these books?
Why are they buying these books?

Okay I can see the role model thing and that's cool.
But they sold out.
Are parents and grandparents buying the books for kids?

I'm starting to buy the Illuminati mind control thing.


Scott said...

Who is buying these books?
Why are they buying these books?

Just because they aren't some anti-hero running around trying to save the world from some fictional apocolypse doesn't mean there isn't an audience for them. Just because you aren't buying them doesn't mean they aren't selling. People still buy Archie. I've actually seen the books. They are pretty high quality.

And if people are buying them, more power to Bluewater for prublishing them. I'm sure if the numbers tanked they would have scrapped the project.

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Oh they are selling, like I said the printings are selling out.
But what group is buying them?
I can't see these comics appealing to the usual groups of comic fans.
And for the record, I like Archie comics.
But Hillary Clinton comics?

Scott said...

If I had to hazard a guess, I would say political memoribilia collectors, libraries, schools, and mostly curiosity seekers. These set of books have actually received alot of publicity. They were featured on CNN and many other media sources.

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