Monday, March 30, 2009

Attention Comic Book Writers

Think you have the next great idea for a comic book in your head?
Having trouble getting it out of your head and onto paper?
Sorry, that was so "Silver Age" of me.
Well if you are having those problems and live in or near Los Angeles, California, this may be your answer.....

David Seidman (comics writer, consultant, and publicist) is having a seminar at Blankspaces to teach you how to get your work out there.
David was one of the founders of Disney Comics, and as the company's senior editor, he specialized in discovering new talent.
He has taught comic book writing at UCLA, marketed comics and graphic novels for Claypool Comics and NBM Publishing.

You can learn more about the seminar and his follow up course on Comic Book and Graphic Novel Writing here.

But hurry, the Seminar is on April 1.

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