Has there "Sugah"?
Nope, voiced by Lenore Zann this Rogue was awesome. She was smart, sassy, sexy and could punch a hole through a brick wall with ease. This Rogue wasn’t whiny or mopey at all. She could flirt with the boys and then go toe to toe with them at a moments notice.
They gave her cute lines, like "Come on, pretty boy... make a girl feel welcome." between breaths when she was giving Cyclops CPR once and they also gave her feelings.

Rogue - Marvel Comics

To say this cartoon was ahead of it's time is an understatement. And the way they did Rogue was part of that.
This Rogue was the one that had Carol Danvers' (Ms. Marvel) super-strength and flight, plus her own absorption powers.
Besides the comics, Rogue also appeared in X-Men: Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men. The Wolverine and the X-Men version wasn’t bad, but it was no 1990s Rogue.
Anna Paquin in the X-Men trilogy....? No....just no.