Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Maxima - DC Comics

A superheroine that's kind of overlooked.
Gorgeous, red-haired, able to go toe to toe with Superman and one of the few superheroes that could actually hurt Doomsday.
The late Maxima.
Although with DC's the New 52...she could come back...

Maxima - DC Comics
No it's not a car made by Nissan. It's another gorgeous red-haired superhero! Seems to be a lot of them huh? Or maybe it's just me.....
Anyway, Maxima is an aristocratic alien from another planet. She happened to see Superman (I guess on intergalactic TV) and she decided the Man of Steel would be her ideal mate. So she came to Earth to claim him. Unfortunately Supes saw it differently and battle ensued. A battle in which she held her own with Superman.
Like a lot of other redheads (Black Widow, Medusa) she started off as a bad guy, then turned good. She even joined the Justice League though sometimes her motives seem a little cloudy.
But even then, she gave her life to stop Brainiac 13 from destroying the Universe, so she wasn’t all bad. Though she died then. We have no idea what (if any) position she holds in the New 52.
Maxima's superpowers all came from her incredible psionic powers and a little biological enhancement. She could use her psionics to enhance her durability, speed, stamina and strength. It also gave her a force field, mind control, psychic blasts, telekinesis and flight.
She was one tough lady.

Maxima and Superman from the animated series

Besides comics and cartoons, Maxima has shown up in live action as well.

On Smallville...

...and Supergirl...

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