Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is not a Captain America moment

This is not a Captain America moment:

"Even as an eight-year-old boy under the covers and reading by flashlight, I could see Captain America for what he was: the least-subtle and least interesting of the comic book heroes.
My cousin collected them all, and the nice thing about summer weeks spent at his suburban, cape-style house near the beach was that I could pick up a whole series of comics at once. Rarely was I left hanging until the next installment.
I had my favorites, Fantastic Four, Spiderman and Batman. But I was not above a Green Lantern or Superman or even, once in a while, the Captain.
But I always knew that Captain America was a little flat as a character. What can I say? He lacked that brooding, dark persona, that inner conflict that drives a person to be genuinely passionate . He was the original Captain Obvious.
So now, with his death in 'Captain America #25,' it appears this icon of patriotism and moral certitude has no place in a time when society is struggling to make sense of its demons. This is Ghost Rider's moment, not Captain America's.
Now, I'm sure like Superman before him, the Captain will experience a resurrection after seemingly being killed off for good. The comic book universe has squishy physical and metaphysical laws. Anything is possible."

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