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Elektra - Marvel Comics

Though her name was actually misspelled on the cover of her first appearance (Daredevil #168), Marvel Comic's Elektra has gone on to be quite popular....

Elektra is one of the most beloved female superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Despite the fact that next to Dark Phoenix, she has probably killed more people than any other female "hero" in Marvel Comics.

You see she is an assassin. Actually a GREEK female ninja. Yeah....

She was created by Frank Miller in 1981 and first appeared in Daredevil #168. Even though Frank wrote and illustrated that issue, her name was misspelled on the cover as "Elecktra". See kids, proof-reading IS important!

Elektra was supposed to only be in one issue, but popular demand brought her back until she was killed by Bullseye in Daredevil #181, stabbed through the chest with her own sai. Marvel promised Frank this would be a "final death" and she would not be brought back. That lasted about ten years and they brought her back. Since then, she has shown up everywhere like a good little Marvel stock character.

Elektra - Marvel Comics

Like I said earlier Elektra is an assassin. She's trained in Ninjutsu and she is an Olympic-level athlete. She also can hypnotize people, "possess" people and has weak telepathy.

The live version of Elektra showed up in 2003's Daredevil and the sequel, 2005's Elektra, both times played by Jennifer Garner.

Now Elektra will show up in the Netflix Daredevil series played by Elodie Yung.

Elektra will show up in the Netflix Daredevil series played by Elodie Yung

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