Monday, March 10, 2014

Caitlin Fairchild - Wildstorm and DC Comics

Although I really prefer the Caitlin Fairchild aka Fairchild from the original Gen13 in Wildstorm comics, I guess I am happy she is still around in DC's New 52.
I guess.....

Caitlin Fairchild - Wildstorm and DC Comics

Another of the infamous red haired superheroines is Caitlin Fairchild aka Fairchild, from the Wildstorm series Gen 13. (You know...maybe I should just do a series of red haired superheroines...)

"My" Fairchild is the one from that series. I know that DC has the rights to her and she is in the New 52 as a totally new character. Bleech.

I really liked the idea of the quiet, shy, unassuming computer geek that overnight was transformed into a 6'5 red haired Amazon that could hold her own against the most powerful characters around. The story there with someone that was insecure and not at all confident being thrown into that had a lot of potential. "But I can't...wait...I can throw tanks now....yes I can!" Caitlin started out unsure of herself, but quickly grew into the team leader of Gen 13.

Fairchild was also a fanboy favorite because...well because she was a 6 foot 5 red haired Amazon! Duh!

She was created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi and J. Scott Campbell back in 1994 (Geez...that long ago) and first appeared in "Deathmate Black". Her main power was her size, super-strength, heightened agility and limited invulnerability.

Now Fairchild is a supporting character in the Superboy series.

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