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Zatanna - Smallville

Although she is not a hugely popular comic book character, Zatanna Zatara is hugely popular with the fans. Everybody loves her. She was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson and first showed up in Hawkman #4 way back in 1964. Zatanna fought crime in a classic magician's outfit (top hat, tails etc) and spoke words backwards to create magic spells. Yeah I know, original but really....what?

Zatanna was brought to picture perfect life on the CW TV series "Smallville" played by Canadian actress Serinda Swan. She seriously looked like she just stepped out of the comic book. Which was kinda odd for Smallville and their sometimes very broad interpretations of DC characters.

Zatanna - Smallville

Zatanna - Smallville-dc comics
She first appeared in season eight, in the episode titled "Hex", then appeared in season nine in the episode "Warrior". In season ten in "Warrior" Zatanna is in the background but is played by a stand in dressed in her outfit.

They tried to launch a standalone Zatanna movie back in 2005 as an action comedy, but nothing ever came of it.

Now here is Zatanna's possibly very cool future..... Guillermo del Toro is working on a Justice League Dark film titled "Dark Universe". Since John Constantine is a member of JLD and has his own series coming up on NBC, del Toro has said that the film will exist in the same universe as the TV show, and that he might get the actor from the series to play Constantine in the movie, unlike the main DC Universe that wont be doing such cross-overs. Now...Zatanna is already set to appear in the will we get Zatanna showing up on the Constantine TV series as well since the two were an item in the comics? It could happen...

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