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Elektra - Marvel Comic Book Movies

Elektra (Elektra Natchios) was created by Frank Miller and first appeared in Daredevil #168 in January 1981.
This lovely young lady is a ninja assassin of Greek descent and she wields two bladed sai.
Despite the fact that she has killed more people than almost any other female Marvel character (I think Phoenix has her beat), she is still one of the most popular heroines.

In 2003 Elektra appeared in Daredevil with Ben Affleck, and in 2005 she got her own spin-off "Elektra".
While it was widely panned by critics and fans when it came out, it has developed kind of a cult following since.
But so did Plan 9 From Outer Space.
Since The Avengers has made such an incredible showing, it's difficult to believe there was ever a Howard the Duck or Elektra. ranked it as the worst Marvel movie ever made.
So did Rotten Tomatoes (even below Howard).
It was on IGN's list of the worst Marvel movies as well.


The Elektra spin-off from "Daredevil"was directed by Rob Bowman and had Jennifer Garner reprising her role as Elektra.
Besides Garner, the movie starred Terence Stamp as Stick, Goran Visnjic as Mark Miller, Will Yun Lee as Kirigi and Natassia Malthe as Typhoid.
Ben Affleck actually shot a scene for the movie as Daredevil, but it was deleted.
To say the least, Elektra did not do well.
In it's opening weekend, it only made it to 5th place taking in a little over 12 million dollars.
It then dropped sharply the second week, and finally wound up with a world wide total of just over 56 million dollars.

I really thought with Alias doing so well that Elektra would fair better, but I guess star power will only do so much.
The film really does seem to drag and it never really seems to get its focus.
I thought Jennifer Garner looked great as Elektra, especially since the spin off had more of a traditional Elektra costume.


The film was only nominated for two awards....the Teen Choice Award and a MTV Movie Award (Jennifer Garner and Natassia Malthe were nominated in the category "Best Kiss") .

The DVD of Elektra was released on April 5th, 2005, and a two-disc unrated edition director's cut DVD was released in October 2005.
Where Daredevils director's cut helped the movie, the Elektra directors cut really wasn't much of an improvement.

As soundtrack album, Elektra: The Album, was released, but almost none of the songs on the album were actually in the movie.
The soundtrack was released by Wind-up Records, the company that also did Daredevil: The Album, Fantastic 4: The Album and The Punisher: The Album.

On May 4th, 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released the Elektra: Director´s Cut on Blu-ray Disc.

The Blu-ray Disc included:
Commentary by Director Rob Bowman and Film Editor Kevin Stitt
Relentless: The Making of Elektra - Part 1: Production
Relentless: The Making of Elektra - Part 2: Post-Production
The Mythology
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director Rob Bowman & Film Editor Kevin Stitt
Alternate and Extended Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director Rob Bowman
Showdown at the Well: Multi Angle Dailies

Of course with rumors floating around about a Daredevil reboot (maybe with Jason Statham) can Elektra be far behind?
Maybe not in her own movie again, but if Frank Miller does the DD reboot, there's a chance Elektra might be in it.
So who would be a good Elektra this time?
Right now I have to cast my vote for Castle's Stana Katic.
Check her out in "Stiletto" and see what you think.

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