Monday, March 3, 2008

Comic Book Adaptations Ruining Franchises

New University Online:

"Comic Book Adaptations Ruining Franchises
By Allison Izon
Comic books seem like easy targets for movie treatments. The storyboards, setting and costumes are already laid out for you, and an established fan base already exists. So, it is not surprising that there are about 20 movies based on comic books in various stages of production this year. As you read this article, someone somewhere in Hollywood is out there trying to make “Ant-Man” into a film (the amount of excitement that you would feel for this film is directly proportional to how long you’ve waited in line for a Star Wars film).

So what is it that separates films like “Sin City” from “Daredevil” ? “Batman Begins” from “Catwoman” ? “X2” from “X3” ?Comic Book Adaptations Ruining Franchises

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