Monday, March 9, 2009

I Watched The Watchmen

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Yes I saw Watchmen this weekend.
And despite the negative reviews I have read, I really liked it.
Usually I dont know if I love a movie till I see it a few times.
And I'll probably watch it again.

It's not over the top action, although there are some REALLY good action sequences.
What impressed me the most was the storyline and the way the actors played off each other.
I didnt see a weak performance.
The movie didnt drag at all for me.
One of the big "Kiss of Death" moments in a movie is if I look at my watch and go " Geez...still another hour left?"
In this one I glanced at my watch and went " hour has gone by already?"

Watchmen did well in it's opening weekend, pulling in a three-day total of $55.7 million.
It also pulled in $27.5 million overseas giving it a total overall worldwide gross to $83.2 million.

As far as it being almost frame by frame with the book....
So what?
Look at "Wanted".
It was Wanted in name only.
This IS the Watchmen brought to life.

One word of warning though, please...PLEASE do not even try to make a sequel.
I know how Hollywood is.
This is a one shot stand alone movie.

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