Thursday, April 10, 2008

Steve Gerber, Marshall Rogers, Dave Stevens

Steve Gerber, Marshall Rogers, Dave Stevens.

So far this year we've lost 3 greats. Although these names may not be as familiar to some as the writers and artists now, these men made a great impact on me, and the generation that grew up with their stories.

What I remember......

Steve Gerber, Howard the Duck (forget the movie, read the first few books in the series) , Man-Thing, Omega the Unknown, Foolkiller ( " You're a FOOL! BLAM!, Punisher fans take note.) , Tales of the Zombie ( the only comic that actually spooked me) , The Defenders ( misfit heroes, way before everyone was a mutant at Marvel) , and the Guardians of the Galaxy ( Starhawk, the first hero that I recall that had REAL identity issues.)
Gerber's writing was escape, that still had threads of the real world intertwined.

Marshall Rogers, Daughters of the Dragon ( A Black and white comic. Get your hands on them and just look at the artwork) Batman ( Bringing more realism to the art, while keeping the " Dark Knight" before Miller) and Manhunter ( I really LOVED the back up stories in Detective Comics, again the artwork was amazing)

Dave Stevens, His pin-up style and glamour art illustrations, especially Bettie Page. Wow. And The Rocketeer,(okay, you CAN see that movie, I loved it too)His art had this realistic look, while still maintaining fantasy.

I really hope these are all we lose. Because these 3 were too much.

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