Monday, July 5, 2010

Wonder Woman and Captain America

This is a tale of two costumes.
One I like… one I do not.

This is the costume design for Captain America: The First Avenger.

captain america - captain america movie - captain america costumeDo I like it?
It conveys Cap in real life, but keeps the comic book flavor.
Yeah it's got an Ultimates look to it and even a nod to the 40s serial.
But it looks practical and functional.

Now to Wonder Woman’s new costume.

wonder woman - wonder woman costumeDo I like it?
Didn't they try almost this same design back in the nineties when Artemis took over as Wonder Woman?
And what really hurts my feelings is that it’s designed by one of my favorite artists, Jim Lee.
She looks like an eighties aerobics teacher.
With Superboy's old jacket.

It’s funny that over at the DC Universe Blog, people are ripping it to shreds in the comments.
These would be DC fans too.

Could DC have done better?
DC, let me introduce you to Josh McMahon and his redone WW costume.

wonder woman - wonder woman costume - wonder woman costumes
Now I like this much better.
Functional, fairly practical and it keeps the flavor of the old uniform at least.
And it looks Greek.

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