Friday, February 18, 2011

Adrianne Palicki = Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman - adrianne palicki - friday night lights

Well the new Wonder Woman for David E. Kelley's remake (reboot?) of Wonder Woman has been announced and I am less than over-whelmed.
Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) will be donning the satin tights and fighting for our rights as the Amazon Princess.
Well....I was hoping for someone that looked like Wonder Woman.
You know Tom Welling does look like Kal-El, even in the first episode before he got all bulked up he could have passed for Superboy at least.
I don't see WW when I look at Palicki.
At all.
Okay, maybe I'm just kinda upset that Sarah Lancaster (Chuck) didn't get it.

Sarah Lancaster - Chuck - Wonder Woman

I liked the idea of her taking over the Lynda Carter mantle.
And we all know this Wonder Woman is gonna be judged by her standard just like Brandon Routh was judged by Christopher Reeve.
I thought Sarah looked more like LC and I could see her being war-like one minute and compassionate the next.
Oh well.
Anyway, like everything thing else I will give Mr. Kelly and Ms. Palicki the benefit of the doubt and wait until I actually see the show.
And maybe Adrianne can dye her hair jet black and hit the gym (hard) before shooting starts.

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