Monday, March 3, 2014

Batwoman - DC Comics

A DC character I really wasn't too fond of when I first saw her, but I've gotten quite attached to her.
Now if they would just leave her alone and let her be a character....
(As in the New 52)

Batwoman - DC Comics

No...this is not Batgirl all grown up. Or the late 50s, early 60s incarnation.
This is Kate Kane who rose to pretty quick prominence as the "biggest ticket" lesbian superhero around.

Now there had been other gay superheroes before Kate.
At Marvel, Northstar came out as gay in 1992 and Stormwatch had Apollo and Midnighter.
But this was "Batwoman" extended member of the Batman Family.

By the be such a loner....Batman sure has a LOT of friends and allies.
Superman is supposed to be way more outgoing and that dude has like three or four friends.....

Anyway, Batwoman's origin is way too complex and complicated to really go into in detail here.
And with DC switching changes.
So let's just shoot for she's a female counterpart to Batman and is actually a pretty cool character in her own right.
She even took over for Bats for a while when he went MIA.
And now she has her own sidekick, her cousin Flamebird (Mary Elizabeth Kane).
Not too crazy about that name but hey....what does DC care?

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