Monday, March 24, 2014

Medusa - Marvel Comics

Yes another gorgeous red haired superheroine.
The Queen of the Inhumans Medusa.
She may have started off as a bad guy, but she did alright for herself.

Medusa - Marvel Comics

I always liked Medusa. Black Bolt's significant other, the Queen of the Inhumans, never had a bad hair day in her life..... It has nothing to do with the fact that she is a redhead. Nothing. Really.
Anyway, she first appeared in Fantastic Four #36 way back in 1965 and was created by the Marvel dream team, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In Medusa's first appearance she had amnesia and was a member of the Frightful Four. She was a pretty darn good villain, going toe to toe with the then Invisible Girl and beating her several times. Medusa even took the Human Torch out once.

But Medusa finally got over her amnesia and regained her rightful place as a hero. Her catfights with Sue Storm ended and they became good friends, even subbing for Sue a few times in the Fantastic Four when Sue had family emergencies.

Medusa has a pretty unique power. It's her hair. Each strand is as strong as iron, her hair is over 6 feet in length and she can control it through psychokinetic ability. They use what I call "The Batman Rule" with her hair. Ever notice how sometimes Bats cape is 5 feet long and sometimes it's 20 feet or more? Same with her hair, they say she can stretch it to twelve feet.... She can even lift close to two tons with it. And she's not just limited to picking things up with her hair. She can snap it like a whip, spin it like a fan, shuffle cards (she did it with the Thing and company at one of the infamous Fantastic Four poker games), pick locks, squeeze someone with it like an anaconda and even control it if it is cut off!
This lady is multi-talented!

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