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Starfire - DC Comics

Created by Marv Wolfman and George PĂ©rez in 1980, Princess Koriand'r also known as Starfire was one of the most popular Teen Titans.
Though her personality has gone through a lot of changes between series and other media, she has retained her popularity.

Starfire - DC Comics

Starfire is an alien Princess from the planet Tamaran. And the poor lady has had a hard time getting a persona straight.

In the original Titans, Starfire was this incredibly sexy but very innocent girl. She was the girl that was built like a playmate, but had no idea she was anything special.

When the Teen Titans cartoon appeared, they kept the innocence but got rid of the body. Starfire was caring, loving and kind. All the things she was in the comic, but without the 40-24-36 body.

Then in the New 52, they claimed they turned her into a sexually liberated woman, but we all pretty much know that was just a cover story for turning her into more of a sex object. Of course most of the comic book community called them on it. I mean c'mon guys, when 14 year old teenage boys can see what you are went too far. Knock it off.

As far as powers go, Starfire's alien physiology gives her quite a few powers. She can absorb ultraviolet radiation and turn it to energy, she can fly, she can fire starbolts, unleash a "Nova Blast" similar to the Human Torch, and she has superhuman durability and strength. Starfire is also an excellent hand to hand fighter, able to beat Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) in combat.
Starfire - DC Comics

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