May was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz and first appeared not in MC2, but in an issue of "What If" in 1998. I liked this Universe it was set in because it wasn’t your typical apocalyptic future stories. Everything didn’t go to hell in a hand-basket in a few years. And you got to see the sons, daughters, nieces and nephews of our current heroes.
May inherited most of her fathers powers. She was only half as strong but twice as fast. May's wallcrawling was due to a bio-magnetic field her body generated. Her "Spider-Sense" was vastly more acute than her father's and she also had the ability to sense the weak points, similar to the Inhuman's Karnak. She also wore mechanical web-shooters that could fire a line, impact webbing and metal darts.

And she got the best of both worlds. She inherited her mothers looks and her dads brains.