Monday, July 21, 2014

Ashley Scott as The Huntress

The Huntress played by the gorgeous Ashley Scott.
This Huntress was the daughter of Catwoman and Batman and was teamed up with Oracle and Black Canary's daughter in the WB's "Birds of Prey".

Forget the plot holes and liberties that they took with the source material. Ashley Scott could have just stood there in that black outfit with her long, leather overcoat billowing behind her for 45 minutes a week and I would have been happy.

Yes forget that she had superhuman strength and agility and her eyes went cat-like when she used her powers, things which had nothing to do with the comics. She just looked really good. Which was the problem with the show. They understood the look, but they lacked the substance. In the hands of other writers this show could have lasted as long as Smallville did easily. But it only lasted one 13 episode season.
Ashley Scott as The Huntress

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