Friday, July 25, 2014

Jessica De Gouw as the Huntress from Arrow

Jessica De Gouw as the Helena Bertinelli version of the Huntress from the CW's "Arrow".
While not as Gothic as Ashley Scott as The Huntress in "Birds of Prey", this one is a bit closer to the comics.
As you can see she has her crossbow, and there is just a hint of purple on her outfit.

Jessica De Gouw as the Huntress from Arrow

This Huntress is the Helena Bertinelli version of the Huntress.
That is the version that is NOT the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.
Her father is mob boss Frank Bertinelli and Huntress is out to kill him for ordering the death of her fiance.
She shows up in the episodes "Muse of Fire", "Vendetta", "The Huntress Returns" and the episode "Birds of Prey" where she has a run-in with, you guessed it, Black Canary.
This Huntress does wear a costume and carries a crossbow.
Although she is dressed in black, in a nod to her comic book incarnation, her jacket is trimmed/lined in purple.
Unlike other incarnations of Huntress, this one starts out as kind of an anti-hero then pretty much turns full-fledged bad guy.
Bad enough that at the end of “Birds of Prey” she is hauled off to jail.
So that wraps up Huntress.
I will mention though that in addition to her live action appearances, she also appeared in animated form in Justice League Unlimited (which was very well done) and in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (not as well done but fun nonetheless).

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