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Lady Deathstrike - Marvel Comics

Lady Deathstrike - Marvel Comics

Yuriko Oyama was created by Dennis O'Neil and Larry Hama and first appeared in Daredevil #197.
But she didn't show up as Lady Deathstrike until Alpha Flight #33 and her cyborg supervillain side was created by Bill Mantlo and Chris Claremont.
Comic book artist and painter Barry Windsor-Smith designed her weird long claw fingered look that we have today.

As with most Marvel comic book characters, her origin and back story could probably fill a novel.
Add to that all the twists, turns and retcons and it would probably be a series.

So let's just go to her powers....
Lady Deathstrike is a cyborg and has your standard superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and agility.
Her skeleton has been laced with adamantium, making her pretty much unbreakable.
The really good part to me is that her fingers have been replaced by 12-inch long adamantium claws.
Nice weapons.
How does she eat?
Dress herself?
Ever see Edward Scissorhands?
Oh yeah, she can extend the claws to 24 inches.
Retracting...I actually have never seen them retracted.

In X2: X-Men United, a more believable Lady Deathstrike was brought to life by the gorgeous Kelly Hu.
I like her better because her claws extended from her fingernails giving her actual usable hands.
And she was really

Lady Deathstrike - Marvel Comics - Kelly Hu

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