Thursday, February 15, 2007


In the Teen Titans comics and animated universe, Angela Roth, commonly called Arella, is the pacifist mother of the superhero psychic Raven. She is the wife of Trigon the demon, who seduced her in order to produce someone who would later serve as his portal to Earth.

Her name was changed to Arella after she was taken to "Azarath", where she healed under the care of Azar, the ruler of the pacifist dimension.

In the Teen Titans animated series, Arella makes a short appearance in the episode "The Prophecy". While meditating, Raven envisions herself in Azarath, her home dimension, where she encounters her mother tending to a whole flock of doves. Raven begs her mother to help her prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, but Arella (echoing Slade, albeit in a much kinder tone) tells her that it is no use, that Raven's destiny was chosen at her birth and it is a destiny she must carry out, like it or not. Arella is Latin for angel, suggesting that she might be one herself.

It is then revealed that Azarath has already been destroyed (or from the look of the city, deserted at least), and that Arella is apparently dead,--although this is debatable--having given her daughter her last words through a telepathic voice-mail of sorts. She was played by Virginia Madsen. It is arguable that the people of Azarath are not dead but, as in 'Teen Titans Go', are now the Phantasm, making her mother still alive to speak to her but not corporeal.

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