Sunday, March 18, 2007

D.C. Comics: Bernadeth

Bernadeth is a New God of Apokolips in the DC Comics universe. Leader of Granny Goodness' personal warriors,the Female Furies,Bernadeth is a treacherous hag, wielding her "fahren-knife" that burns her victims from the inside.She is often regarded as Granny's right-hand, and is the most intelligent of the Furies

As the sister of Darkseid's servant, Desaad, Bernadeth is both notorious and feared by the masses of Apokolips. One of the first Furies to be recruited, Bernadeth hated being led by others. So when Big Barda left for Earth to be with Mister Miracle, Bernadeth saw this as a way to gain leadership herself.Darkseid however,rewarded Lashina with leadership of the Furies. During the mission to retrieve Glorious Godfrey, Bernadeth betrayed Lashina and left her on Earth. Because of this, Bernadeth was able to achieve leadership over the Furies. When Lashina returned to Apokolips with Suicide Squad, she snapped Bernadeth's neck after a long and fierce battle. Darkseid was appalled by the fact that Lashina brought outsiders to Apokolips, so he killed her and resurrected Bernadeth.

After Lashina was brought back to life, Bernadeth agreed to share the leadership. Bernadeth often avoids physical battles, but if necessary, she can go all out and fight with the best. In the past, she has battled Superman, Sovereign Seven, Supergirl, and Young Justice, to name a few. She was most recently seen as a warped prostitute in Granny Goodness' brothel.

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