Saturday, December 27, 2008

Watchmen Judge to Rule in Favor of Fox

I'm in the "just shaking my head" mode now that I found this article at Wired......

Christmas Bombshell: Watchmen Judge to Rule in Favor of Fox
By John Scott Lewinski
If the lawyers at 20th Century Fox really wanted to kill Watchmen when they filed a copyright claim against the Warner Bros. production, they got the perfect ammunition as a Christmas gift Wednesday from a federal judge in Los Angeles.
The New York Times is reporting that U.S. District Court Judge Gary A. Feess will soon rule in favor of Fox -- granting the studio a copyright claim to the movie franchise, which had been in development at several Hollywood studios over the years before Warner Bros. finally got the job done with director Zack Snyder.

I read awhile back about a possible boycott of Fox if this action goes through. And yeah I may be small potatoes here compaired to the big Comic sites, but I'm ready to jump onto that bandwagon with them.
I'm really looking forward to this movie and I would hate to see some petty legal action like this stop it's release.

According to the L.A. Times, the release date might just get pushed back.

Of course Warner could always settle.....

But one thing Fox needs to realize. The people that they are ticking off here are the notorious "fanboys" (And I don't use that term in a derogatory fashion).
They were raised on and embrace the idea of fighting against what they conceive as evil.
In the old days it was bad guys with guns, but now the bad guys hide behind governments and corporations.

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