Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barack Obama, Savage Dragon and Spiderman

The Barack Obama / Spiderman issue sold like hotcakes.
(Is that even a viable reference anymore?)
But not everyone is overjoyed with Marvel Comics success.
Savage Dragon also had a cross over with The President, and Eric Larson (the creator of Savage Dragon) is a little miffed at Marvel for what he sees as stealing his thunder.
You can see what Eric has to say about the situation here.
And Marvel made a rebuttal here.

I understand the book is a huge seller.
But does it remind anyone else of the Hostess ads they used to run in the old comic books?
If you want an example of what I mean, head over to Seanbaby's page where I think he has ALL of the old Hostess ads reprinted.

But if the Obama / Spiderman issue is such gold....what's next?
Maybe DC comics can revive "Prez" and instead of Prez Rickard they could have.....
Nah, they'd never go for it.

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