This six foot two, 155 pound, red haired, green eyed beauty was Wonder Woman for a while. Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman's mother) had visions of Diana (our Wonder Woman) being killed and to save her life, she called for a contest for the title of Wonder Woman. Through a little trickery on Hippolyta's part, the Amazon named Artemis won the contest and became the new Wonder Woman. She got the costume, got to go to Man's World and even got to take Diana's place in the Justice League. A fact the Leaguers weren’t too happy about. Especially Batman....

Artemis tried very hard to fill Diana's sandals (HA!) but Arty was a little bit more...shall we say vicious...than Diana and her Amazonian power wasn’t tempered with Wonder Woman's compassion. She even got into it with Wonder Woman's protege, Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl.
Diana herself even donned a new costume and tried to help Artemis acclimate to her new role, because that is how Diana rolls.

Queen Hippolyta's vision finally came true and Artemis was killed in the line of duty. But you cant keep a good woman down and though Artemis died....she got better. Since then she has taken on the identities of Javelin, Requiem, Shim'Tar and Polemarch.

So which one is the best? Well Diana is the better Wonder Woman without a doubt. But technically Artemis is a better fighter (which is saying something), because as Arty herself put it, Diana relies too much on the powers the Gods granted her.