Friday, March 14, 2014

Hawkgirl - Justice League

This is part of what made the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons so good.
They could take a nothing happening DC comics character like Hawkgirl and turn her into one of the baddest Leaguers ever.

Hawkgirl - Justice League

The name "Hawkgirl" has been used by a lot of DC women. But my favorite Hawkgirl out of all of them was the one on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited TV show.

Of course since this Hawkgirl is based on the "Silver Age" Shayera Hol Hawkgirl....I like her better.

The cartoon managed to transform this girl that just flew around into a real bird of prey. You didn’t want to get her angry, because she had a temper and a berserker rage right up there with Wolverine.
The main differences between this Hawkgirl and the one she was based on in the comics was that this Shayera had organic wings (as opposed to strap-on ones) and carried a mace that was made out of Nth metal.

Nth metal would disrupt energy that it came in contact with it, so Hawkgirl could smash your psionic, energy or mystic force fields, all with equal ease. This freaked a lot of her over-confident opponents out when this winged girl could hit them right through their "impenetrable" shields.

And Shayera was another red head. Which was another point in her favor.

So Hawkgirl could fly, she had some level of super-strength, agility, she was a trained Thanagarian military officer, and she had that mace. Oh yeah....and she could also beat Batman at chess.

Her story in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited was quite complex so I would recommend watching it from the beginning to see how well the writers crafted her character. You don’t see writing like that on a "kid's show" every day. The reincarnation episode with Hawkman was done especially well

Hawkgirl - Justice League

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