Misty was NYPD until she lost her arm stopping a bomb attack. She resigned from the police force and Tony Stark (Iron Man) gave her a super-powered bionic arm. Misty's roommate for a while was Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl/Phoenix. She and Colleen set up the "Knightwing Restorations Ltd" detective agency that helped Heroes for Hire (Power Man and Iron Fist) out quite a bit. Misty teamed up with the X-Men, reformed Heroes for Hire with a whole new roster, and has fought a whole host of supervillains.
Of course now Misty's bionic arm is way overpowered with all kinds of weapons by Stark Industries. But I really preferred her as a martial artist, incredible marksman and amazing detective that just happened to have a bionic arm.
It was a simpler concept.
I am wondering if Misty will show up in the Netflix Iron Fist or Luke Cage series. It would be a shame if she doesn't.

Misty Knight - Marvel Comics