Friday, March 28, 2014

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) - Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan.Kamala caused a little bit of a stir because she is a teenage Muslim-American from Jersey City, New Jersey.

I know right?
A superhero from Jersey?

No...actually the interest was that Kamala was a Muslim-American.
Now this is not by any means Marvel's first Muslim superhero.
Dust showed up in 2002, the mutant M way before that in 1994 and The Arabian Knight way, way back in 1981.
So Marvel has had Muslim heroes.
But this is the first Muslim character in Marvel to have her own comic book.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) - Marvel Comics

The character is not bad and if you removed the religious ties, you have a hero worthy of the 1960s Marvel style.
Teenager, doesn’t fit in, is different because of something, is VERY different because they have superpowers.
It's the classic Spider-Man template.

And to make sure the stories are authentic, she was created by Muslim-Americans Sana Amanat and G. Willow Wilson.

Ms.Marvel-Kamala Khan-comic books-comics-Marvel

Pushing religion aside, we come to the meat and potatoes of every superhero.
Well...before that, let me state that she does have a pretty well done costume...and that is very important.
Anyway, Kamala has an Inhuman heritage (see Medusa) and because of that has shape-shifting abilities.
Which is kind of a letdown for me because I have never really been a big fan of that power.
And yes I know that Mister Fantastic is a great hero, but who yells, "I wanna be Reed!" when kids play superheroes?
Kamala is kind of a cross between Reed and Mystique.

By the way, she came by her name honestly, having been a huge fan of Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel.

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