Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Batman of Shanghai - DC Nation Shorts

Batman of Shanghai - DC Nation Shorts

Besides "Super Best Friends Forever" my favorite DC Nation Short was "Batman of Shanghai".
This was not your father's Batman.
This was set in Shanghai in the 1930s and was a very stylized, mystical retelling of Batman.
It was under 4:00 long, but it was amazing.
And it really should have spawned a series.

It featured Catwoman, Bane, Batman and something called the Scroll of Destiny.
The cartoon didn’t answer many questions, but it left you hungry for more.

A Chinese animation studio called Wolf Smoke did it and the look alone is worth watching this for.

Catwoman is a thief, Bane is a chemically triggered monster and Batman looks like he is some type of mystical bat-creature.
But they are all close enough to the originals that you can easily keep track.

Had they gone on with this (and I SO wish they would have), I would have loved to have seen their take on the rest of the Batman Universe.
You know their Joker would have been incredible.
I'm thinking something like Ryuk from Death Note in Joker colors maybe.

Who knows...maybe DC will wake up and give it to us.
It would be worth the wait.

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