Friday, February 12, 2016

Beware the Claws of the Cat - Marvel Comics

Before Marvel Superhero Greer Grant Nelson became Tigra, the icon of furries everywhere, she was The Cat.
The Cat was a comic launched in the early 70s along with Night Nurse and Shanna the She-Devil, designed to try to draw in a female audience.
And Marvel went big with this too, assigning the writing and artwork to two women (which at the time was almost unheard of) long time Marvel artist Marie Severin and writer Linda Fite.
Stan Lee was determined this comic was gonna be for women, by women and about women.
You have to give "The Man" props for doing that.

Beware the Claws of the Cat - Marvel Comics

But it didn't last long and the concept fell apart pretty quickly.
After four issues actually.
And the art team changed constantly, but Lee tried to keep it female driven.
But poor sales killed the book quickly.

But even today I think the first issue with Marie drawing it and legendary EC Comics artist Wally Wood inking it is a classic.
Severin and Wood were REALLY good together.
Their Cat was very sexy in the 1950s "Good Girl/Bad Girl" way.
Had that team stayed together, the series may have gone on quite a while.

Greer Grant Nelson went on to become Tigra and Patsy Walker later got the Cat suit becoming Hellcat.
Beware the Claws of the Cat - Marvel Comics

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