Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arana, Marvel Comics

Arana-comics-comic-marvel-marvel comics

Art by Mark Brooks

AraƱa is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe created by Fiona Avery and Mark Brooks.
Unlike the accidental creation of Spiderman, Anya Corazon was recruited by a mystical clan called the Spider Society to act as their agent, a Hunter.
Arana's abilities include enhanced strength (able to lift 3 tons) , speed, and agility (she can jump over 25 feet) .
Like Spiderman, she has the ability to cling to walls and she had a spider-like exoskelton around her body which enhanced these abilities.
I say "had" because Doomsday Man ripped her exoskeleton out.
To me, Arana's main claim to fame is having one of the most realistic "super hero costumes".
Big goggle-eyed sunglasses, red and blue sneakers, blue track pants, red backpack and red gloves with pockets.

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