Saturday, November 29, 2008


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First Captain America and now this?
You know I really like Grant Morrison, I read both his fiction and non fiction.
But this.....

Holy reincarnation, Batman!
Scots writer Grant Morrison killed off Bruce Wayne in the tellingly titled Batman RIP - but death is rarely the end for comic book heroes
Gillian Harris
Grant Morrison is enjoying a spell of notoriety. Following the publication of last week’s Batman comic, he is guaranteed a place in the superhero hall of fame as the man who killed the caped crusader.
The writer’s announcement that he planned to dispose of Batman sparked a frenzy of speculation and chat room buzz over what sort of grisly fate would befall the legendary hero. Rumours abounded that his loyal sidekick Robin would go over to the dark side and destroy him.
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So does Nightwing inherit the cape and cowl?
What's gonna happen to the Joker?
After Cap died Stephen Colbert got his shield, who gets the batarang?
(I think Colbert would push for the Batmobile)

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