Thursday, February 19, 2009

Iron Man 2 Casting

The first rumors for Iron Man 2 really got my attention.
Apart from the regular cast, Mickey Rourke as the Crimson Dynamo and Emily Blunt as the Black Widow?
But now Mickey's camp is saying no to Iron Man 2, and Emily Blunt cant do it because of scheduale conflicts. Samuel L. Jackson is a maybe because Marvel is lowballing him?

Okay, the Nick Fury they are using is the Ultimates Nick Fury which is physically based on Jackson.
They need him.
Had they not done this, I'd say pull David Hasselhoff up and go with the *ahem* comic book version of Fury.
C'mon, I actually liked The Hoff in the old Nick Fury TV movie.
Can you see the over the top Hoff snarling and getting up in Stark's face with the stogie clenched in his teeth?

And the Black Widow.
How long have I waited for a Widow movie?
Since her and DD were going steady a long time ago.
Emily Blunt I think would have been good.
But now they are talking about Scarlett Johansson?
Can Scarlett pull off sexy, sleek, dark and mysterious?
Will she wear the catsuit with the low slung belt and the Widow Bites?
The best Widow I have seen so far wasn't even in a Marvel movie, it was in NBC's Chuck.
Check out the episode "Chuck Versus the Seduction".
Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather from CSI) plays a red haired, Russian female spy known as the Black Widow.
Yep, and her name was Sasha Banacheck.
Even the hairstyle was right.

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