Friday, February 13, 2009

President Obama, Spiderman, Marvel Comics and iTunes

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The Incredible Alex Ross' Obama-Man

President Obama hasn't had a chance to really help the nations economy yet, but he sure has helped the sales of comic books.
His appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #583 boosted that comic to it's highest sales in almost 15 years.
That issue has gone through an unprecedented(that was almost a pun)5 printings and sold over 300,000 copies.
His appearance in Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon #137 is going into it's fourth printing and the President is scheduled to appear in Youngblood #8 where he re-instates the Youngblood program.
Next up, Obama joins the wait, that's a joke.
I think.
(Though what I wouldn't give to see a drawing by Jim Lee of Obama dressed as Captain America and Joe Biden as the Falcon perched on a rooftop)

And in other non-Obama related comic book news, Marvel comics is going to release "motion comic books" on iTunes.
What are "motion comic books"?
Well this is from Marvel's website....

"Ask yourself this, if the pages of Marvel Comics could move, what would they look like? Wonder no more, True Believers!
Remaining true to the heritage of panel-by-panel graphic storytelling, boasting groundbreaking graphics, sensational soundscapes and, of course, the explosiveness of the Mighty Marvel Universe, here comes the all-new, all-awesome Marvel Motion!
Watch and hear your favorite comics, authors and artists come alive. You've never seen Marvel move like this.
Marvel Motion—GET YOUR MOVE ON!"

I don't know if I like the idea but I love the hype!
It reminds me of the 60s Marvel Comics style.
The only thing missing is "Excelsior!" at the end.

For more info you can check out Marvel's website here

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