Monday, April 4, 2011

New Green Lantern Film Footage

Green Lantern - Green Lantern movie

At WonderCon this weekend, Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern/Hal Jordan) and Blake Lively (Carol Ferris) showed up with ten minutes of new Green Lantern footage.
It seems the internet community was underwhelmed by the last footage and Warner Bros. is trying to fix that.
I have to admit, I was less than happy with the first shots I saw, but seeing the costume in action, it looks better.
I still don't like the "organic" Power Ring Battery, but hey, I'm Silver Age and I still want Green Arrow beardless, Flash's costume to explode out of his ring and Wonder Woman to look like Wonder Woman.
Maybe I am too focused on looks....

Anyway, here is four minutes of the ten minutes of footage that WB released online (you get to hear Hal recite the oath!)....

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