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Psylocke - Marvel Comics

Psylocke can go mind to mind with the best telepaths in the Marvel Universe and still go round after round with the likes of Wolverine and Sabretooth.
Plus she is one of the hottest superheroes ever created.

Psylocke - Marvel Comics

You talk about a character with a messed up past. Here is Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock. Betsy is the sister of UK based superhero Captain Britain and was created back in 1976 by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe. CB was a character that appeared in Captain Britain Weekly, a book put out by Marvel UK.

Anyway, Betsy was a precog, then a telepath, then she got telepathy AND telekinesis (with no explanation...her powers just changed), she was blinded and then got bionic eyes, then she body melded with Kwannon who was a Japanese female ninja mutant and gave us the Psylocke we all know and love today. most female comic book characters, she has been through a lot.

Psylocke has been a member of a lot of groups, most notably the X-men. But she has also been in The Hand, the Hellfire Club, Excalibur and X-Force just mention a few.

Powers? Who knows? Marvel has altered the character so much that you can't keep track of what she does. I hate it when you have version 1,2,3 or 4 of a character.

The one we are (or at least I am) most familiar with though is the one with ninja skills, telepathy and the awesome "psychic knife," that could take down just about anybody that she scored a direct hit on.

So at that time (around 1989) Psylocke could go head to head with the best telepaths in the Marvel Universe and still go hand to hand with people like Wolverine. She was a pretty well rounded character.

Psylocke - Marvel Comics-X-Men

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