DC Comic's Raven was a good character. I think they dropped the ball around...well really not long after she was created. But they really messed her up in the New 52 with a version that is pretty much unrecognizable. The saving grace of Raven is in DC's animation.

I really liked her in the Teen Titans animated series, where she was voiced by Tara Strong. Tara reprises the role many times. She was Raven in the original Teen Titans, New Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, in the animated film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo and in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Tara is to Raven what Kevin Conroy is to Batman.

Her mom was a human and her father was/is one of the most powerful demons in know creation, Trigon. So Raven has a huge laundry list of powers she can pull out at anytime. Sometimes I wonder if the writers don’t just give her new powers as is convenient. It sure seems like that sometimes.
My favorite basic skill set is: empathy, teleportation and her black Raven Soul-Self (that can fight, create a force field and do long range recon for her). But it seems like now she is WAY overpowered.