Monday, February 29, 2016

Black Racer - Marvel Comics

Black Racer - Marvel Comics

Continuing on with Marvel Comics seemingly endless supply of snake based characters, we have Black Racer.
She is not to be confused with Jack Kirby's Black Racer, a character in his "New Gods" pantheon.
Black Racer was created by Mark Gruenwald and Tom Morgan and first appeared in 1988 in Captain America #337.

This lady is Ariana Saddiqi, a mutant with superspeed.
Yeah that’s pretty much it.
And she seems to be in the Quicksilver range, nothing like the Flash.
Well she does have some limited superstrength.
You would have to I guess, to be able to handle superspeed.

Of course since she is snake themed, she has been a member of both the Serpent Society and the Serpent Squad.

One odd thing about her is that her race changes.
She has been drawn as both Caucasian and African-American in different books (her green hair when she is in costume is a wig).
Judging from her last name, is it possible that she is actually Middle Eastern?
It looks like Marvel would get that together.

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