Friday, February 26, 2016

Black Mamba - Marvel Comics

Marvel Comic's Black Mamba.
Boy...Marvel really does love the snake-themed villains dont they?
Black Mamba was created by Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio and first appeared back in 1980 in Marvel Two-in-One #64.
She is a bit more naughty than other supervillains...she was a call girl before she got a costume.

In the comics she was created by Roxxon Oil Company (yes, an oil company was an evil organization) and was a founding member of the Serpent Squad, which later changed it's name to the Serpent Society.

Now here is Mamba's rather unique power.
She can scan a person's mind and pick out a loved one.
Then she projects extra-dimensional Darkforce energy around the victim and it crushes them, all they while they think that they are being embraced by said loved one.
She can also use the Darkforce to surround herself and change her appearance.

Black Mamba was a founding member of BAD Girls, Inc., a founding member of Serpent Squad (Serpent Society) and also a member of the Femizons, the Masters of Evil, the Secret Avengers and the Women Warriors.
She does get around.

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