Friday, September 26, 2008

The Other Andromeda (Marvel Comics)

Andromeda, Namor, Sub-Mariner, Attuma
Andromeda, by John Buscema

DC Comics isn't the only brand that has an Andromeda. Marvel Comics has one too.
But this one has blue skin and is the daughter of Attuma, one of Prince Namor's ( The Sub-Mariner) enemies.
Despite being a super villain's daughter, she rose above this and became a superhero herself. Fed up with her fathers male chauvinist attitude, Andromeda defected from the ranks of Attuma's legions and joined Atlantis.
Okay, Namor was a chauvinist too, but he wasn't as bad as Attuma.
Andromeda even joined The Defenders.
And died there.
It's okay, Dr. Strange brought her back to life.
And later on, she even got to beat Attuma in one on one combat.

Andromeda (Marvel Comics)

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