Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Black Lotus - Marvel Comics

Black Lotus is a Marvel supervillainess that could be a whole lot more.
But I suppose they do need background players because everyone cant be a star right?

She was created by Ralph Macchio and George PĂ©rez and made her first appearance in Marvel Fanfare #11 in 1983.
Black Lotus is supposed to be a pretty major assassin.
But as comic book assassins go, you rarely ever see them actually kill anyone.

Lotus is Japanese and her mother was one of the five women in the original "Nail", which was an elite ninja strike team used by The Hand.
They were all killed.
Really doesn’t sound too awfully elite.....

Anyway, Lotus was first seen as a freelancer trying to take down Black Widow with five other mercenaries.
She did get one good shot in on the Widow (while her arms were pinned) but Natasha turned around and took them all out.

Black Lotus was one of the women in Superia's all-female army, the Femizons and is in the modern incarnation of The Nail.
And she actually had a fairly large role in the Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow series, so maybe she has been done justice by Marvel after all.

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